WiFi 380 Wireless Camera

5,000.00 2,699.00

WiFi IP CCTV V380 Dual Antena Wireless Camera

  • Full HD 960P Resolution , Night Vision, and 360 Rotatable Camera to Give Complete Security.
  • Real Live View any where in World Through Wifi and Built-in Hotspot Wifi
  • Two way communication with its Mic and Speaker
  • Wireless 24/7 Recording and Memory Card Supported with circular storage
  • Motion Detection Alarm Function


WiFi IP CCTV smart camera is the ideal product for you with the help of which you can be sure whether your family is alright or not. Always keep an eye on your loved ones, by installing this wireless handy piece of technology. You can use this amazing technology for many purposes according to your need. Monitor your office working or be aware of your home activities by this handy device by sitting any corner of the world through its wifi connection. Smart CCTV camera has a motion detection feature that allows you to get notifications via alarm buzzer or email on your mobile phone when any suspicious act will happen in front of the camera so that you will take quick action at the spot.

With the aid of your mobile/laptop, you can View live recording while sitting any corner of the world as well as see recorded videos and images with HD high quality result. Moreover, users can also rotate Panoramic camera with wider view of 360 Degree Angle on their Smart Phone so that nothing will be hidden from them. In addition with its Two-way voice communication makes you closer with your loved ones or employees by listening and responding them with clear and obvious voice.

IP CCTV allows you to take quick action at the spot through giving notifications via buzzer the alarm or send email to you when any suspicious act will be happened in from the camera with its motion detection feature. This feature will save you from any mishap or burglary. In addition you can also get facilitation of making your possession or workplace in darkness or night time secured by recording clear videos or images through its infrared night vision quality. You do not need to place any extra light around the camera or hire any guard.

Furthermore, IP Camera Wifi is supported up to 64 GB Memory Card with loop recording so that you will record the videos and capture images unlimited without worrying about insufficient space. Also, previous recordings will automatically format and new ones will save.