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Audionic Max 250 2.1 Bluetooth Woofer

Audionic Max 250 2.1 Bluetooth Woofer

The top quality sub woofer allows the user to experience connectivity from anywhere within the specified range.

MAX-250 refines music for your mental well-being. This 2.1 channel speaker gives a Rock n Roll in your indoor space. Besides, it bursts out quality features and specifications that results in quality sound output.

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Audionic MEGA M45 2.1 Bluetooth Woofer

Design that makes you wonder

Audionic has come up with an advanced version of Mega series by the name of Mega M-45. It has a slim and sleek design to it and will certainly impress you with its strong woofer speakers. The new design does not consume a lot of space and can be easily accommodated according to your needs.

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